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Informal presentation of about 20-25 minutes followed by a 5-10 min discussion. The presentation could be a proper short focused talk or just a few slides with mainly figures, or just at the white-board with a pen. The content could be some new results/ideas related to past, on-going or future projects in extragalactic astrophysics. If you have visitors, please ask them to participate and give a presentation - they should have priority over presentation by 'local' people! Local PhD Student/Post-Doc are encouraged to participate and contribute talks.

Also, we have the formal LAM seminars, with the schedule [http://www.lam.fr/the-laboratory/talks-and-conferences here]


Every Wednesday at 1:30 pm in the library (ground floor) at LAM (coffee @ 1:15 pm).

Event Organizers

Event organisers are listed at CafeClubGroup

Any candidate for 2020+ especially 2nd-yr PhD students is welcome


2020 (Event Organizers: XXX, Carlo Schimd)

XXX = any candidate? 2nd-yr PhD students are welcome

  • [cancelled/covid19] - Ricarda Beckmann - Dense gas in galaxy clusters under the influence of an AGN jet
  • [cancelled/covid19] - Alejandro Perez - Resolving the H0 tension with diffusion
  • [cancelled/covid19] - Chervin Laporte - TBA
  • 4th March - Amael Ellien - Detection of ICL with sparse analysis-by-synthesis approach
  • 19th February - Christophe Morisset - Hubi 1 the upside-down planetary nebula
  • 5th February - Jens-Kristian Krogager - Absorption spectroscopy as a unique probe of galaxy evolution
  • 29th January - Guillaume Mahler - STRONG LENSING: Illuminating clusters of galaxies and the structures behind them
  • [cancelled] - Magda Arnaboldi
  • 15th January - Katarina Kraljic - The impact of the connectivity of the cosmic web on the physical properties of galaxies at its nodes

2019 (Event Organizers: Elena Sarpa, Carlo Schimd)

  • 27th November - Thibaud Moutard - Local vs. Global: environment frames the NUVrK big picture of the star-formation quenching
  • 21st November - Carolina Queiroz - Optical selection of quasars: probing the large-scale structure with narrow-band filter surveys
  • 20th November - Ixandra Achitouv - Testing for the environmental dependence of the growth rate
  • 13th November - exceptional Café-Club - Hidehiro Kaneda & Takehiko Wada - two talks: 1) SPICA: the next crucial step alter Herschel and AKARI for future mid- and far-infrared astronomy & 2) SPICA Mid-infrared Instrument (SMI): technical design and science capabilities

  • 16th October - William Gillard - Euclid NISP: forthcoming tests at LAM
  • 9th October - Joachim Harnois-Deraps - Weak lensing beyond two-point statistics
  • 2nd October - Sascha Zeegers - Investigating the properties of interstellar silicates using X-ray spectroscopy
  • 25th September - Adarsh Ranjan - Probing high column density neutral gas in the early universe in absorption
  • 18th September - Patrick Côté - CASTOR: The Cosmological Advanced Survey Telescope for Optical and uv Research
  • 11th September - Jonathan Freundlich - Galaxy evolution: a gas perspective
  • 4th September - Angus Wright - Improving redshift calibration for cosmic shear
  • 3rd July - Iary Davidson - A paradigm shift in astrophysics?
  • 26th June - Carlo Giocoli - Lensing simulation of galaxy clusters: from theory to observations
  • 19th June - Raoul Canameras - Star formation and feedback mechanisms in high-z starbursts
  • 12th June - Guang Yang - What drives the growth of black holes?
  • 5th June - Jérémy Fensch - Gas mass fraction of galaxies and star formation regulation
  • 22nd May - Kimmo Kiiveri - Bayesian estimator for the CODEX cluster sample
  • 10th April - Pierre Fleury - Weak gravitational lensing with finite beams
  • 28th March (unusual date) - Agnès Ferté - Cosmic acceleration: beyond the cosmological constant
  • 13th March - Charling Tao - BAO with voids
  • 6th March - Ignasi Pérez Ràfols - Quasar identification with SQUEzE
  • 27th February - Sarah Antier - Gravitational waves astronomy and GRANDMA
  • 13th February - Laurent Chemin - The velocity anisotropy of gas in galactic disks
  • 7th February (unusual date) - Mathieu Puech/Hector Flores - MOONS: Multi Object Optical and Near-infrared Spectrograph for the VLT
  • 30th January - Michel-Andrès Breton - Relativistic effects on galaxy clustering statistics
  • 22nd January - Jenny Sorce - Do we need a new cosmological model? GMO-CLONES, a solution to the precision cosmology dilemma
  • 15th January - Clotilde Laigle - Horizon-AGN virtual observatory: SED-fitting performance and forecasts for future imaging surveys

2018 (Event Organizers: Elena Sarpa, Carlo Schimd)

  • 4th December - Ramona Augustin - Observing the circum-galactic medium in absorption and emission
  • 29th November - Rosa Leticia Becerra Godinez - Reverse shock emission revealed in early photometry in the possible short GRB 180418A
  • 27th November - Nicolas Laporte - Unveiling the age of the most distant galaxies
  • 20th November - Adam Hawken - The growth rate of structure around voids in GAMA
  • 13th November - Tamas Norbert Varga - Dark Energy Survey Year 1 results: Weak lensing mass calibration of redMaPPer galaxy clusters
  • 6th November - Giovanni Covone - Gravitational lensing detection of an extremely dense environment around a galaxy cluster
  • 16th October - Sally Heap - Evolution of galaxies and stars with CETUS
  • 25th September - Fabien Lacasa - Cosmology with galaxy surveys: the impact of non-linearity
  • 18th September - Cullan Howlett - Cosmology with peculiar velocity surveys
  • 11th September - Benjamin L’Huillier - Cosmological structure formation in LCDM and beyond: Testing LCDM with N-body simulations and advanced statistical methods
  • 10th July - Johan Richard - BlueMUSE
  • 15th May - Grzergorz Gajda - Tidally induced bars in gas-rich dwarf galaxies orbiting the Milky Way
  • 26th April (Thursday, unusual day) - Mauro Sereno - Multi-probe analysis of galaxy clusters
  • 29th April - Luis Reyes-Galindo - Do you know how the arXiv works?
  • 17th April - William Pearson - The Main Sequence of Star Forming Galaxies Beyond Herschel's Confusion Limit
  • 10th April - Ghassem Gozaliasl - TBD
  • 20th February - Nicolas Martinet - Cosmological constraints from shear peaks in the Kilo Degree Survey (KiDS)
  • 6th February - Seiji Fujimoto - Average morphology of high-z dusty star-forming galaxies: compact dusty disk embedded in stellar disk harboring an AGN
  • 23rd January - Jean-Loup Puget - The Planck cosmological parameters

2017 (Event Organizers: Ana Acebron, Elena Sarpa, Carlo Schimd)

  • 12th December - Hadi Rahmani - Studying the cold gas in the circumgalactic medium of intermediate redshift galaxies using QSO-galaxy pairs
  • 28th November - Florian Sarron - Evolution of the cluster optical luminosity function in the CFHTLS: breaking the degeneracy between mass and redshift
  • 27th November - exceptional joint Galaxy Evolution circle - Café Club @ 2pm - Annalisa De Cia - ISM metals out to high z using QSOs and GRBs

  • 21st November - Raphael Gavazzi - AMALGAM: the mass distribution of 122 galaxy clusters from CFHT and Subaru archival wide field images
  • 14th November - Francesca Fragkoudi - The disk origin of the Milky Way bulge
  • 7th November - Jacopo Chevallard - Getting ready for JWST with new-generation spectral models and interpretation tools
  • 17th October - Ignasi Pérez Ràfols - TBD
  • 10th October - Peter Mitchell​ - The physics controlling the evolution of star formation rates in star-forming galaxies
  • 5th October - Camilla Pacifici - Synergy between galaxy models and observations to unveil the high-redshift Universe
  • 3rd October - Andra Stroe - Cosmic tsunamis and tornadoes
  • 19th September - Fangting Yuan - Spatially resolved star formation and dust attenuation in Mrk848: Comparison of the integral field spectra and the UV-to-IR SED
  • 12th September - Médéric Boquien - Finding the weirdest SDSS-IV/MaNGA galaxies
  • 5th September - Remi Adam - The Sunyaev-Zel’dovich effects to probe the formation of distant clusters
  • 18th July - Shude Mao - Evidence for IMF variations from the MaNGA survey
  • 5th July - Alessia Longobardi - The VIRGO PN population and the mass assembly in M87
  • 4th July - Giulia Cusin - Anisotropies of the astrophysical gravitational wave background: a general framework
  • 29th June - Karina Voggel - The quest to find super-massive black holes within UCDs: How many of them are the former nuclei of galaxies?
  • 27th June - Laurie Riguccini- Chasing star-forming early-type galaxies in dense environments : Galaxies in transitions in clusters
  • 22nd June - Carlos Lopez-Sanjuan - ALHAMBRA B-band (z < 1) and UV (z > 2.5) luminosity functions by PDF analysis

  • 21nd June - Christos Efthimiopoulos - The invariant manifold modelling of spiral structure
  • 20th June - Special Café Club (followed by an open discussion)
    • Delphine Porquet - Observations en rayons X des régions centrales des Noyaux Actifs de Galaxies (AGN) et diagnostics de plasmas en rayons X

      & Nicolas Grosso - L'activité de Sagittarius A* et l'accrétion épisodique dans les étoiles jeunes

  • 15th June - Davide Punzo - 3D Visualization and Analysis of HI in and around galaxies
  • 13th June - Nicolas Peretto - The energy balance of infrared dark clouds from tenths to tens parsec scale
  • 6th June - Amira Tawfeek - Photometric investigation of Pairs and Triplet Galaxies
  • 30th May - Stéphane Arnouts/Fabrice Madec - The PFS/SUMIRE spectrograph
  • 23th May - Marcin Semczuk - Tidal origin of spiral arms in galaxies orbiting a cluster
  • 17th May (warning it's Wednesday) - Tom Broadhurst - New Gravitational Properties of Galaxy Clusters
  • 16th May - Panos Patsis - Stellar and gaseous flows in barred-spiral models: The implications for star formation along the spiral arms
  • 9th May - Katarina Kraljic - Coupling of scales, “Who ordered this?” or “How well do we understand star formation?”
  • 25th April -Shun Saito - Ly-Alpha intensity mapping with HETDEX
  • 11th April - Henri Plana - The NGC 454 system: anatomy of a wet interaction
  • 4th April - Grzegorz Gajda - Tidally induced bars in dwarfs galaxies on different orbits around a Milky Way-like host
  • 21st March - Anna Niemiec - Stellar-to-halo mass relation of cluster galaxies
  • 14th March - Miguel Figueira - Star formation at the edge of ionized regions
  • 7th March - Gabriel Bartosch Caminha - Probing the distant Universe and dark matter with Hubble and MUSE observations of lensing clusters
  • 28th February - Michael Blomqvist - BAO in the Lyman-alpha forest of BOSS/eBOSS quasars
  • 21st February - Janusz Krywult - Coevolution of galaxy morphology and colour to z~1
  • 14th February - Thibaud Moutard - On the quenching of young/low-mass galaxies since z~0.6: New spotlight on environment lead role
  • 7th February - Iary Davidzon - What does high redshift means? The long, long way towards the first light (in the COSMOS field).
  • 31st January - Katarina Kraljic - Cosmic Web as a natural metric for galaxy evolution
  • 24th January - Malgorzata Siudek - Formation and evolution of stellar population based on the red passive galaxies observed up to z ∼ 1
  • 17th January - Sean Morrison - Element Abundances in a Sub-DLA Absorber at z=5
  • 10th January - Laure Ciesla - Identifying recently quenched galaxies from broad band SED modeling
  • 3rd January - Benoît Epinat - Galactic and extragalactic science with HARMONI/EELT (followed by an open discussion about GECO/LAM involvement)

2016 (Event Organizers: Ana Acebron, Carlo Schimd)

  • 13th December - Alessandro Boselli - Quenching of the star formation activity of cluster galaxies
  • 6th December - Melville Ulmer- Update on the Athena mirror size, potential implications, and the future of X-ray astronomy
  • 1st December - Stéphane de Barros - Galaxy physical properties at the edge of the cosmic reionization
  • 29th November - Begoña Ascaso - Cluster cosmology with Euclid, LSST and J-PAS.
  • 22nd November - Denis Burgarella - JWST, WFIRST and FLARE predicted number counts at 10 < z < 15: the case for a Wide-Field N+MIR Space Telescope

  • 15th November - Hiroyuki Hirashita - Simulation of dust evolution in galaxies
  • 8th November - Wagner Marcolino - New mass-loss rates for massive stars: why bother?
  • 7th November (warning it's Monday, @14h) - Jordi Miralda Escudé - Lyman alpha emission on large scales and high-redshift galaxies as a probe of reionization.
  • 2nd November (warning it's Wednesday) - Mathilde Jauzac - Hubble Frontiers Fields : The Extraordinary Abell 2744
  • 27th October (warning it's Thursday) - Anthony Whitworth - A ram pressure threshold for star formation
  • 25th October - Cécile Gry - Anatomy of a small, diffuse cloud passing over the sun in the middle of a hot, empty bubble
  • 18th October - Ghassem Gozaliasl - Evolution of bright central galaxies in massive haloes over 9 billion years
  • 11th October - Tsutomu T. Takeuchi - A self-consistent radiative transfer model including the chemical evolution, dust evolution, and clumpiness of the ISM
  • 4th October - Nicolas Martinet - Calibrating galaxy shape measurements for Euclid: impact of galaxies below the detection limit.
  • 27th September - Lin Yan - The CII local luminosity function
  • 20th September - Hong-Li Liu - Drama of the HII regions/IR bubbles: regulating ISM and star formation
  • 13th September - César Caretta - Caustics Masses and Scaling Relation for Nearby Galaxy Clusters
  • 31st August (warning is Wednesday) - Andreas Faisst - Insights into the high-redshift Universe using Spitzer and Local Galaxies
  • 13th July (warning is Wednesday) Yuichi Harikane - Evolution of Stellar-to-Halo Mass Ratio at z=0-7 Identified by Clustering Analysis with the Hubble Legacy Imaging and Early Subaru/Hyper Suprime-Cam Survey Data
  • 7th June (Special Cafe Club @ Amphi LAM) - Olivier Le Fèvre - The WFIRST-AFTA space mission
  • 24th May - Kasia Malek - Ultra Luminous Infrared Galaxies: which AGN types contribute to their infrared emission?
  • 10th May - Julien Bel - Non local bias between matter and galaxies
  • 10th May (Postponed) - Laure Ciesla - The imprint of rapid star formation quenching on the spectral energy distributions of galaxies
  • 3rd May - Iary Davidzon - The high-z universe encolsed in the COSMOS2015 catalogue
  • 26th April - Bruno Ribeiro - The morphology of star-forming galaxies during their assembly phase
  • 5th April - Celine Peroux - Metallicity and geometry as gas flow probes
  • 29th March - Darko Donevski - Possible Breaking of FIR-Radio Correlation in Interacting Galaxies
  • 22th March - Isabelle Pâris - Extreme outflows in high-redshift red quasars
  • 15th March - FLARE Meeting
  • 8th March - Nicola Malavasi - The environment-dependent evolution of massive galaxies to z=3 in the UltraVISTA-COSMOS field
  • 1st March - Guilaine Lagache - Intensity mapping of the atomic carbon CII line: a new observational promise of the Epoch of Reonisation
  • 23th February - Paolo Serra - Cosmic star formation history and Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect from a global analysis of Herschel and SPT clustering data
  • 18th February - Mathilde Jauzac - Hubble Frontier Fields : SN Tom & SN Refsdal — What we learn about lensing?

  • 16th February - Merce Romero-Gomez (Universitat de Barcelona): Getting ready for the scientific exploitation of Gaia data on the structure of our Galaxy.
  • 9th February - Mario Bonamigo - Triaxility
  • 2nd February - Aurélien Benoit-Lévy - News from the Dark Energy Survey (DES)

2015 (Event Organizers: Eric Jullo & Barbara Lo Faro)

  • 5th January - Iary Davidson - OPEN Cafe Club: JWST ESTEC feedback
  • 17th December - Debora Pelliccia - Kinematics of COSMOS star-forming galaxies over the last 8 Gyr
  • 1st December - Mauro Sereno - The self-similarity of galaxy clusters and how to assess it
  • 27th November - Stephane Barros - The (difficult) quest for Lyman continuum emitter at high redshift
  • 24th November - Matthieu Béthermin - An ALMA view on the interstellar medium of high-redshift dusty star-forming galaxies
  • 19th November - Jesus Vega - Tension in the rings: the distribution function of Einstein radii
  • 17th November - Hadi Rahmani - The study of circum-galactic medium at z∼0.6 using low impact parameter DLA-galaxies
  • 10th November - Aida Wofford - A Comprehensive Comparative Test of Seven Widely-Used Spectral Synthesis Models Against Multi-Band Photometry of Young Massive Star Clusters
  • 3rd November - Open Cafe Club
  • 13th October: Alan McConnachie - Replacing CFHT by MSE?

  • 8th October: Stephan Frank - Searching for weak NeVIII absorption signatures in COS-spectra via agnostic spectral stacking
  • 6th October: Yu-Yen Chang - AGN, star formation, and galaxy morphology
  • 29th September: Isabel Pâris - Physical properties of quasar outflows in the SDSS-DR12 sample
  • 22nd September: Juan Magaña - Probing cosmological models with strong lensing in A1689
  • 15th September: Karina Rojas - Quasar accretion disks: size and temperature profile using microlensing
  • 1st September: Olivier Le Fèvre - Latest news from the VIMOS UltraDeep Survey (VUDS)

  • 25th August: Jian-Min Wang - Mapping Reverberation Super-Eddington Accreting Massive Black in Holes Local Universe
  • 30th June: Samuel Quiret - The metallicity distribution of the Circum Galactic Medium
  • 16th June: Michele Boldrin - Arc statistics and clustering properties of dark matter haloes
  • 9th June: Zhu Chen - Photometric and morphological properties of LBGs at z~1 in ECDFS
  • 19th May: Javier Álvarez Márquez - Dust properties of LBGs at z ~3
  • 12th May: Francesca Fragkoudi - The Effects of Boxy/Peanut Bulges on Galaxy Models
  • 21st April: Céline Péroux - The VLT SINFONI Mg ii Program for Line Emitters (SIMPLE) II: background quasars probing z ∼ 1 galactic winds
  • 14th April: Kyle Penner - The assumptions we make when we talk about attenuation
  • 7th April: Peter Wizinowich -
  • 31st March: Nimish Hathi - The VIMOS Ultra Deep Survey: Ly-alpha Emission and Stellar Populations of Star-Forming Galaxies at 2<2.5

  • 20th March: OPEN Discussion - Feedback from the Sintra Conference: Back at the Edge of the Universe
  • 17th March: OPEN Discussion - WEAVE, DESI & eBOSS

  • 20th February: Carlo Giocoli - Weak lensing Simulations from Current Surveys to Euclid
  • 17th February: Matthieu Béthermin - Why do massive galaxies at z~2-3 form so many stars?
  • 10th February: Timothee Delubac - Baryon Acoustic Oscillations with BOSS, eBOSS and DESI
  • 3rd February: Jean-Pierre Luminet - Last news about cosmic topology
  • 27th January: Alice Pisani - Precision Cosmology with Cosmic Voids
  • 20th January: David Valls-Gabaud - MESSIER: a space orbiter to unveil galaxy formation
  • 13th January: Anna Feltre - IR signatures of nuclear activity and star formation on galaxy spectra
  • 6th January: Thibaud Moutard - The stellar mass function and density evolutions of massive (log M* > 10.5) galaxies since z = 1.5

Before 2015