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GECO Day 2019, Sept 27th

Venue: Station Marine d'Endoume, chemin de la Batterie des Lions, 13007 Marseille.

The presentations can be found here


  • 9h00 Coffee
  • 9h30 Introduction, GECO team news

Flash newcomers presentations

  • 9h45 Guillaume Bonnet, Gayathri Gururajan, Frederica Duras, Grégoire Aufort, Yixian Cao, Michel-Andres Breton, Ambra Nanni, Alessia Longobardi
  • 10h15 Fireball (Vincent Picouet)

GECO scientific animation

  • 10h30 Circles reports, discussion about the scientific lige of GECO

Café club report (C. Schimd), Formation and evolution of galaxies and Diffuse Baryons (O. Kauffmann), Cluster of galaxies (M. Limousin), Transient (D. Porquet), MCMC (C. Schimd)

  • 10h55 2020 Marseille Cosmology Conference (D. Burgarella), propositions for next year


Scientific highlights

  • 11h30 ALPINE (M. Béthermin)
  • 11h45 MUSE (B. Epinat)


Artificial Intelligence Session

  • 14h00 Introduction to the session (L. Ciesla)
  • 14h05 Machine learning and Astronomy (F.X. Dupé)
  • 14h35 Approximate Bayesian Method and Star Formation Histories of galaxies (G. Aufort)
  • 14h45 SOM Maps for galaxy physical parameters (O. Ilbert)
  • 14h55 Photo-z with Deep Learning (M. Treyer)

Future projects

  • High energy survey
    • 15h05 SVOM (S. Boissier)
  • Multi object spectroscopy
    • 15h20 MSE (C. Schimd) + MAVIS (J.C. Bouret)
  • UV experiments
    • 15h35 LUVOIR + CASTOR (J.C. Bouret)


  • Long wavelength experiments
  • open discussion about LAM contribution in projects of interest for GECO team

Master and IPHU

  • 16h50 Master status (P. Theulé)
  • 17h00 IPHU (V. Buat)

Practical information

Venue and transportation

The venue is "Salle des conférences", Station Marine d'Endoume, chemin de la Batterie des Lions, 13007 Marseille (sea view, food, coffee and all amenities are provided).

  • Public transportation: we encourage public transportation: Bus 83 from Vieux Port, stop "Endoume" (Timetable).

From the bus stop to the venue, 4 minutes, 350 meters.

There is a small car park at the proximity of the venue: From nearby car park to the venue, 3 minutes, 230 m

Further away, there is also the possibility to park directly on the "Corniche" (if you arrive early).

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