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Instabilities and Structures in Proto-Planetary disks

The "Vieux Port" by night


  • Dates: 17th - 20th september 2012

  • Rationale:

  • The meeting will address the evolution of the protoplanetary disks at the decoupling stage, a question that shares significant similarities with the study of stratified and rotating two-phase flows in fluid mechanics.The goal of the workshop is to discuss the recent developments in the field, focusing on:
    • the possible formation of gaseous structures in the protoplanetary disks, particularly in the dead-zone, under various instabilities (baroclinic or barotropic via Rossby or edge modes),
    • their lifetime and evolution (stability, migration, collisions ....),
    • their ability to capture the solid material and to survive once loaded against other instabilities,
    • their consequences on the global disc evolution.

  • Emphasis will be placed on the hydrodynamical aspects of the problem but MHD processes will not be forgotten. The importance of 3D and self-gravity will be stressed. Part of the meeting will be also devoted to discuss the links with the experimental and numerical works performed in the physics of rotating flows and granular media.
  • The burning center of the discussions will be the possible (or impossible) routes toward planetesimals and planetary cores.

Registration and deadlines

Due to the limited capacity of the lecture room the number of participants is limited to ~ 50 (contact: ispp@oamp.fr ).

  • Participants are invited:
    • to submit title and abstract of their presentation (oral or poster),
    • to register before the deadline using the links below.
  • Fees are 200 Euros for academics and 100 Euros for students:
  • Deadline for abstract submission is June 15th -2012

http://lam.oamp.fr/index.php http://www.univ-provence.fr/public_html/univ-provence/index.php?pages=article&id=2144&idnum=2405&m=872 http://www.cnrs.fr/index.php http://www.polytech-marseille.fr/recherche/institut-carnot http://http://www.marseille.fr/sitevdm/jsp/site/Portal.jsp